by earth

Full text:

After the turmoil, some rest. Three months stay in Israel should allow the clearing up of the indefinite number of subjects dealt with in ‘Paris-Jerusalem, walking’, their reason to be and their possible reality. What happened finally with Conchi’s notebook? – Whatever there is, the lucubration resulting of this long contemplation of the Dead Sea from the perspective of a cave carved in the rocks, will allow the forming of the second expedition, leaving Greece in Juin 1995 and arriving to Jerusalem early July the next year after having crossed the Sinai Peninsula walking. The border will be crossed at Taba.

Members of expedition: (Greek) Iota Tzelepi, Morfo Stamo, o Gritzaros (French) Carole Papillon, Clotilde Bonhomme (Swiss) Stefan Kroner (German) Sonja Kasten, Jorge Kasten

Continuation of Paris-Jerusalem, walking, by Sonja Kasten


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